That took all of 60 seconds to sell out our pre-sale of NTTs representing airdrop rights to 300 of our impending Immortal Gear set NFT packs.

Gone in 60 seconds!

If that is any guide, we encourage you to be fast and ready at the helm on Dec 7th at 12pm EST on Nefty Blocks to snare one of our new Immortal Gear NFT packs.

These new Immortal Gear sets are ready to be unleashed in HodlGod for warriors who want to OWN the battlegrounds of the world’s best P2E Battle Royale style game.

These warriors – Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum – are heroic and unflinching. 

And we also wanted to touch on the heroic and unflinching staking power of this drop!

The Packs & Their Earnings Capacities

Each pack comprises 3 badges and 3 Immortal Shards for a total of 6 NFTs.

And, as if the opportunity to forge shards up to a new Immortal Gear set wasn’t incentive enough, these NFTs are loaded up with APRs and staking capacities on WhenStaking so much that, even in the worst case, one pack is worth 20% more than what they are selling for. 

Let’s do some math:

If you end up with the 3 most common shards and the 3 most common badges, that’s $120 in value for a price of $99.99. PLUS… those NFTs are stakable on WhenStaking for an 85% yield, paid out instantly. (Meaning you can reinvest the payout to increase the effective yield even more.)

In another scenario, you could pick up this combination for $99.99:

Stained Rubeus Shards: $60

Proteus Shroud Shards: $150

Elektrum Strike Shards: $300

Shield of Trapped Souls: $120

Astral Demon Shields: $250

VOID Portal Badge: $1800

That’s a total staking capacity of $2,680… which can earn you a $VOID yield of 85% annually! (Similarly paid out upfront… similarly restakable.)

And so… ahead of this HUGE imminent sale we wanted to remind everyone of the immense earnings capacities of these NFT packs. Here they are fully outlined below:

Immortal Gear Series 2 Pack: $100 (face value)

Solid Aurum Shards: $20

Stained Rubeus Shards: $60

Proteus Shroud Shards: $150

Elektrum Strike Shards: $300

Solid Aurum Gear: $100

Stained Rubeus Gear: $350

Proteus Shroud Gear: $800

Elektrum Strike Gear: $1500

(All Color Variations Are The Same)

Basic Shields: $20

Conqueror’s Shields: $25

Transcendent Shields: $60

Skull King Shields: $70

Shield of Trapped Souls: $120

Astral Demon Shields: $250

VOID Portal Badge: $1800

We’re serious about play-to-earn and about rewarding our community, so head over to Nefty Blocks on Dec 7th at 12pm Eastern and grab yourself some packs. Not only will it equip you to gear-up in HodlGod… it can also generate you a super-sized return.

Become Immortal… and keep up-to-date. (And did we mention we have a whole new HodlGod website?)