HodlGod is already – we think – the best Battle Royale style game in the play-to-earn universe. But over the next few weeks we have some pretty amazing things to announce. This is HUGE!

Key Takeaways:

  • Immortal Gear Series 2 packs will be selling for half-price in a pre-sale Dec 2nd, 12pm EST
  • Main sale goes live Dec 7th, 12pm EST
  • ALL HodlGod NFTs will get an APR re-set to 85%
  • Staking values (capacities) for the new series are massive
  • We’re ushering in substantial changes to our play-to-earn structure to increase earnings capacities

We hinted at this recently when we announced major upgrades to HodlGod – the biggest yet, in fact.

We said our new Immortal Gear sets were coming soon.

And by soon, we really meant it.

And our Series 2 Sets are heralding some MASSIVE changes to our play-to-earn and earnings structure… coming very soon (more on that below).

First up, introducing…

HodlGod’s Four New Immortal Gear Sets

We’re unleashing four new Immortal Gear sets into the HodlGod battle zone.

These warriors are formidable and will soon be running rampage in the HodlGod arena. And there is something for everyone. Something for swordsmen. Something for those who might like to brandish an axe. And a character equipped with maces to take your game to the next level.

It’s time to warrior-up! Let’s check them out.

Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum are waiting to impose themselves in the land of The Immortals.

Warriors can get one by buying our new NFT packs (3 shards and 3 badges in each) and forge their shards up to an Immortal Gear Set. So to snare yourself a Stained Rubeus, for example, you’ll need to collect and forge the Stained Rubeus offhand sword shard, main hand sword shard, armour shard, and bow shard.

We’re doing this over two sales.

The Pre-Sale

For the ultimate HodlGod warriors, we’re holding a presale this Thursday, Dec 2nd at 12pm EST on Nefty Blocks. We’ll be selling only 300 NTTs (non-tradeable tokens). Each token gives the holder the right to be airdropped an NFT pack on Dec 7th. One NTT costs $50. Half price.

The Main Sale

On Dec 7th at 12pm on Nefty Blocks, we’ll be selling all 4,700 outstanding packs, with 300 airdropped to pre-sale NTT holders. Each pack is worth $100. The main sale will last until sold out.

The new Immortal Gear sets will be equippable in-game, allowing warriors to look incredibly intimidating on the field of battle and also collect green coins while they play…

And the NFT rarities are as follows:

Solid Aurum shard: 50%

Stained Rubeus shard: 25%

Proteus Shroud shard: 15%

Elektrum Strike shard: 10%

Basic Shield: 30%

Conqueror’s Shield: 25%

Transcendent Shield: 15%

Skull King Shield: 13%

Shield of Trapped Souls: 10%

Astral Demon Shield: 6%

VOID Portal Badge: 1%

… But We Have Two Bold Changes To Talk About

We will be celebrating the debuts of Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum in HodlGod with a massive re-set of HodlGod NFT APRs to 85%. That’s ALL HodlGod NFTs, including this new Series, staked on WhenStaking, earning an 85% annual return – making these new warriors all that more valuable. We really want to reward our loyal warriors.

Elektrum Strike armour

The staking capacities for these NFTs are huge. Here there are outlined below:

Immortal Gear Series 2 Pack: $100

Solid Aurum Shards: $20
Stained Rebeus Shards: $60
Proteus Shroud Shards: $150
Elektrum Strike Shards: $300

Solid Aurum Gear: $100
Stained Rebeus Gear: $350
Proteus Shroud Gear: $800
Elektrum Strike Gear: $1500

(All Color Variations Are The Same)
Basic Shields: $20
Conqueror’s Shields: $25
Transcendent Shields: $60
Skull King Shields: $70
Shield of Trapped Souls: $120
Astral Demon Shields: $250
VOID Portal Badge: $1800

And we’re not finished…

We’re on a mission. We always have been. To bring blockchain technology to gaming so that players truly own the items they have won and to empower gamers to earn while they play. P2E – play-to-earn – always has been at the heart of what we do. And it always will be.

And that’s why we will soon be launching a MAJOR overhaul of our play-to-earn structure in HodlGod, allowing players to STACK their NFTs to supercharge their earnings potential. 

We’re working out the finer details on this, but what it will mean is that by: 

  • owning HodlGod NFTs
  • staking them on WhenStaking
  • backing them to full capacity with $VOID
  • And playing the world’s best PvP P2E game…

There will be no limit to in-game rewards!

The more HodlGod NFTs warriors have – staked – the more they can earn playing the game they love.

And THAT’s worth celebrating.

So get in quick on these HodlGod Series 2 packs. The more you have, the more you can earn in HodlGod. 

We have a feeling they might be popular!

Where: Nefty Blocks

When: Dec 2nd, 12pm for the pre-sale / Dec 7th, 12pm for the main sale

Become Immortal! And stay in touch.