As we race towards the pre-alpha public launch of NiftyVille, we are kicking off NFT sales in the world’s first open world play-to-earn game.

Our inaugural property sales will be going live on OpenSea, Dec 4th at 12pm EST. All 10 of these genesis NiftyVille NFTs are properties on Genesis Avenue in Moon Valley, NiftyVille.

We will be releasing the sale page links in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter in the days to come.

Our NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist Pass holders get front row seats on this.

The Inaugural NiftyVille Property Sale

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor in NiftyVille: the first NFTs from our open world ever sold… the first property NFTs to be sold… all pre-launch.

(Don’t worry exotic car lovers… that’s just around the corner!)

For our first real estate sale, we wanted to thank the community that has supported us on our journey so far, so we’ll be splitting these 10 NFT sales into two events:

  • 6 will be GIVEN AWAY to Whitelist Pass holders randomly (the more you have the higher your chances)
  • 4 will be sold in a public auction

Our First OpenSea Drop

This is our first foray into the vast oceans of OpenSea, so we’d love to have your support. The auction will last 24 hours, and we’ll be selling on the Ethereum network.

The properties themselves are Tiers 1 and 2 properties, and here’s what that means:

Tier 1 properties will typically be smaller, rundown, under construction, or less appealing as living spaces. Think small trailers, motel rooms, burnt down houses, and more. Property owners will receive tools or resource NFTs for owning them, and the beauty of Tier 1 real estate is that Niftians can hire contractors to upgrade or renovate these assets.

Tier 2 properties are normal middle-class residential properties, and a mixture of houses and apartments. Just like Tier 1 property owners, Tier 2 property NFT holders will get NFTs airdropped to them in-game, and can do anything they like to their abodes to customize them to their taste.

These property NFTs will have addresses associated with them. They will be real properties in the NiftyVille world – permanent and immutable. Make them your own. Personalize and upgrade them. Promote yourself or promote a brand you love! It’s all about YOU! 

An Element Of Surprise

We also wanted to throw in an element of surprise for this sale. All Tier 1 NFTs have the same designs for now, and so do the Tier 2 NFTs. Owners will have to wait until the game launches to be able to see their property.

Once we launch, you’ll get to visit and explore the property YOU own in NiftyVille and check out the design elements you really love and those you might like to change.

There will only be 750 properties in NiftyVille – with no plans to increase this any time soon – so real estate is scarce. 

Let’s compare. Sandbox has 166,000 lands. Decentraland has 90,000. 

NiftyVille real estate, at 750, is EXTREMELY rare.

Be one of the first to make your mark… in NiftyVille!

Check in with us on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter over the next few days for full details.

(And about our exotic cars… they will be launching very soon, so Whitelist Pass holders and everyone else… stay tuned.)

As always, keep up-to-date through our social channels and website and feel free to reach out any time with any questions, comments, ideas!