What a ride!

Now, hot on the heels of our Power Generators flash sale, the celebrations continue and we are delighted to announce that all of our collaboration partners are now live on WhenStaking

whenstaking logo

So any of your NFTs from us and our collab partners that are above the 40k VOID threshold can be staked, backed with VOID, and begin earning you a nice passive yield!

As you know, HodlGod and Void Supernaturals NFTs are already live for staking, and expanding the protocol to our other partners was always the plan. We’re so excited about it, that we’re starting off with some super-sized yields.

Starting right now… we will officially have SIX COLLECTIONS stakable within WhenStaking. 


Here’s a rundown of the APRs we’re kicking off with:

WhenStaking Power Generators: 120%

DR-1 from DappRadar & Onessus (pictured above): 100%

Boysterous NFTs: 80%

Void Elementals: 80%

Those collections will join HodlGod NFTs earning 80% and Void Supernaturals NFTs yielding 60%.

So if you don’t have any NFTs from these collections, now would be a great time to head on over to AtomicHub and collect some!

(These APRs are special introductory rates so get your NFTs staked quickly to lock them in!)


And don’t forget the supercharged staking capacities for the Power Generators:

Generator Pack: $20

Silver Generator: $25

Gold Generator: $150

Diamond Generator: $350

And we’re giving Refer to Earn Badges a staking capacity of $20 to reward our awesomely active community members.

So get your NFTs staked and take advantage of these short time only supercharged yields!

Happy staking!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method: