There is no telling what would come of a battle between Proteus Shroud and Solid Aurum.

Nor could we predict the outcome of an Elektrum Strike vs. Stained Rubeus fight to the death. 

But there will be blood.

And the earth of the land of The Immortals will tremble.

hodlgod series 2 immortal gear sets

These ferocious warriors are set to be unleashed into the HodlGod arena (simply update to the new version). We wanted to make a special introduction in honor of their arrival.

The time to forge is nigh! From 9pm EST today, Friday, the forging will begin.


Solid Aurum

Solid Aurum

Stained Rubeus

Stained Rubeus

Proteus Shroud

Proteus Shroud

And last, but certainly not least, Elektrum Strike

These four new Immortal Gear sets will have a profound impact in HodlGod. Equip yourself with one of these gear sets, the new generation of HodlGod warriors, by grabbing a few NFT packs from Nefty Blocks, and forging 4 shards of a given warrior into that warrior. (Each pack contains 3 shards and 3 badges.)  

Extra Rewards

By equipping yourself with one of these new warriors in-game, players will be able to earn extra rewards as they battle. A Stained Rubeus-equipped player will pick up an extra badge for every in-game drop they collect. Proteus Shroud gives you 2 extra. Elektrum Strike: 4 extra badges for each in-game drop collected.

A Reminder About Staking Capacities

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the enormous staking capacities of the shard and badge NFTs that make up the packs. These boosted earnings capacities on WhenStaking include not only an 85% APR, but their VOID-backed staking capacities are huge. We did a little math earlier to show that any pack is worth, at minimum, 20% more than the $99.99 price tag, with values ranging up to the thousands of dollars worth.

So saddle up, warriors. Immortal Gear Set Series 2 warriors are a new breed of battle-hardened fighters ready to help take your gaming experience and your combat-readiness to new levels. 

Become Immortal.