void supernaturals

Due to overwhelming demand from our community, we are relaunching the Void Supernaturals NFT pack sale. The aim? To find the 32 Supreme Cards!

You see… we believe amazing art belongs in the hands – and in front of the eyes – of our amazing collectors. 

After the last sale, which only lasted a day, as soon as collectors began cracking open their packs and sharing the cards they had, we were swamped by collectors asking us to re-launch the sale. They had missed out and wanted to be part of it. They had a kind of after-the-fact FOMO.

The reaction was so strong, that, as we had preminted all the packs, we decided then and there that we needed to find a way to give people another chance to own some of this uniquely rare art set.

So we’ve decided to re-launch the sale and make sure we get all this amazing art to where it belongs – to you!

The sale will reboot on October 19th on Atomic Hub at 12pm EST / 4pm UTC.

It will last for four weeks, but we will be burning 5% of the outstanding supply every Tuesday at midday, beginning Oct 26th.

And to encourage collectors to find the 32 Supreme Cards, we are going to reward 16 randomly selected collectors who buy three or more packs with 4 animated NFT hyperlapses for each character class – a symbolic tribute to the pulse and energy encapsulated within the Series One collection.

These 4 unique NFTs will be rewarded to only 16 winners, making them extremely rare.

What do you need to do to win?

  • Buy three Void Supernaturals packs on AtomicHub
  • Crack them open on Nefty Blocks
  • Share on Twitter. Make sure you add your WAX wallet address, THE SALE LINK, tag @TheGuild_NFT and @OnessusBlock and use the hashtag #voidsupernaturals and attach an image of your favorite.
void supernaturals

At the end of the 4-week sale or when we have sold out, we will select 16 random people to award. (Hint: the more you tweet with different pictures the more likely we are to find you in the crowd!)

And if you already bought packs in the genesis sale… you’re included! So feel free to tweet away. The only thing you’ll need to have done is crack open your packs so you can share your favorite with your friends. (If you’re already staking your art on WhenStaking, no problem!)

The Void Supernatural reboot is about The Guild and Onessus getting the best art going around into the hands of our collectors. We’re excited about it and we hope you are, too.

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:





Void Supernaturals

HodlGod is looking great, and we’re getting some amazing support and feedback from our community, especially after the recent updates and scholarship program were announced.

But we’ve also been cooking up something else.

Our love of NFT gaming and the endless possibilities it offers gamers got us thinking… 

What if we could dream up the world’s first ever open world play-to-earn game?

What if we were to create the first ever NFT MMO game based on the real world?

Presenting: NiftyVille… where the possibilities really are endless!

“I remember the day when NiftyVille launched.”

– that’s what you’ll be telling your grandkids.

What We Can Tell You For Now…

We can’t tell you too much more about NiftyVille, but we can reveal a few inside secrets:

It will be launching soon.

It will be a game that both casual and competitive gamers love.

It will be accompanied by an NFT sale that will blow your mind.

It will be on the Ethereum network.

It will be 100% PURE AWESOMENESS.

Check out the teaser:

NiftyVille will begin life in the pre-alpha stage and will quickly grow, we’re pretty confident, to become the most consequential play-to-earn NFT-based game around.

So get your Nifty hats on, gamers, and prepare yourselves… this one is gonna be huge!

As always, keep up-to-date through our social channels and website and feel free to reach out any time with any questions, comments, ideas!






HodlGod is Onessus’ flagship game and we have some big news to share to all our warriors and would-be warriors!

This is a long one, so let’s start with an overview:

Key Takeaways:

  • We’ve made some massive upgrades to HodlGod we know you’ll love
  • We’re launching a scholarship program by lending 52 new players Bounty Contracts
  • HodlGod’s play-to-earn and stream-to-earn trophies, going at 30 cents, will be stakeable on WhenStaking with a $4 capacity!
  • Leased Bounty Contracts are now LIVE!
hodlgod scholarships

HodlGod has had some massive upgrades over the past few months!

Many of our HodlGod warriors will already be well aware, but we wanted to share some of the updates to HodlGod with our wider community.

But first… we wanted to announce our new scholarship program, where we help new warriors boost their in-game earnings potential by lending them a Bounty Contract.

hodlgod game play action

Introducing HodlGod Scholarships

HodlGod is launching a scholarship program for gamers interested in being part of one of the fastest growing PvP Battle Royale style blockchain games around.

Of course, anyone can begin playing HodlGod without any NFTs to start with, but NFTs help fuel your ability to earn more valuable in-game rewards, including more and higher value NFTs. 

So we are offering scholarships to welcome new players into the arena in the form of a loaned Bounty Contract NFT. We will be lending 52 of these out to help gamers get a taste for the adrenaline rush of play-to-earn gaming!

What do you have to do?

Sign up with your email, create a HodlGod account and start playing. Once you’re accustomed to the game and would like to power up your yield-earning capabilities, just fill out this form and submit it to us so we get to know a little bit about you. We’re looking for active gamers, NFT lovers, and enthusiasts of the thrill of last-man-standing gaming.

We’ll also be planning more events for holders of these lent NFTs in the future, so keep up-to-date as we grow our HodlGod community even larger!

Download the game here.

hodlgod game play

As For The Updates…

The new update ( has a number of improvements, additions, changes, and fixes. Check out the summary below, and don’t forget to reach out on the HodlGod Discord and engage with us and our thriving community. 

To start with, we are in the process of migrating our servers, so all players should have a better ping and less connectivity issues overall. But that’s only the beginning…


– We reworked the Matchmaking System

– We improved Crosshair accuracy

– We reworked the Zone so it closes entirely but isn’t reduced in height. It also does more damage the smaller it is.

– We reworked the Freezing Arrow so it takes 2 shots to freeze someone and 3 if they are in the immunity phase from the heal

You wanted speed? We went for speed, making some big improvements in the pace of the game. All actions should now feel much faster and smoother, with no delays. 

The Powers can now be performed at all times if they don’t require any physical action from the character. And the warriors can now execute a Double Dash Spin Attack at any time during the Dash! That will be faster and can be deployed at any time. The Air Dash is much faster and more vibrant!

Some additional improvements:

– Aiming now auto-adjusts only if on a character or dummy

– Inventory NFTs are now GIFs

– When inside the zone, your screen will be blue

– We removed the delay before jumping when sprinting

– Players no longer stutter if targeting and running

– Practice mode doesn’t have a countdown anymore

– Freezing Arrow cooldown was increased and active time was reduced

hodlgod in-game play

Additions & Changes

We’ve made some cool additions and changes to HodlGod. A Bow Melee now deals 10 damage, the locking key is now MMB, and the scoreboard key is now TAB. We are also adding a new map very soon!

Some other additions include:

– Slam to Ground attack (Attacking under your feet while in Air does zone damage)

– A way to quit a game without requeuing

– We added a Session Kill Tracker

– There are now Equippable Badges (check your NFT Inventory)

– We added your Collectibles in-game (check your NFT Inventory)

– Weekly Earnings and Leaderboards are now added in-game

– The game now has kill-assists. Damaging a player within 8 seconds of his death without finalizing the kill will grant an assist!

We added dummies in Practice Mode, the option to turn off the in-game chat, and a cool new backward cam (Left-Alt). You can now see dead players on the scoreboard, and we’ve addressed the issue with Leased NFTs, so you can now use them in-game.

There is now also a Health Bar above in-range enemies’ heads together with their equipped badge.


There are a number of changes we implemented to make playing HodlGod more intuitive and appropriate for what is now a faster-paced, more adrenaline-rushing game. Warriors… familiarize yourselves with these changes:

– Double Jump is now performed with Double Space

– Dash is now performed with Double C

– Storm doesn’t appear in Practice Mode anymore

– The Explosive Arrows damage zone is now bigger

– Zone now can end on multiple points on the map and will also pause during the game to allow tactical plays

– Cooldown is now reduced if all players are in-game

– If a player was damaged and gets killed by the Zone, it will now be a kill – not an assist

We also remade the Wallet Linking UI and if you’re in-air floating (RMB), you will now fall instantly when released. You can also right click again later in your fall. Arrow powers can no longer be combined.

hodlgod game play 2

Players now have more control over their spells and damage:

– Surrounding Volcano (ability 2) is now a toggle. Press once to activate and a second time to turn off. It consumes mana per second.

– Teleport (ability 3) is now done in two phases. Press to activate and press a second time to teleport to where your character’s hologram is.

– Experience per Damage Dealt was removed and has been replaced with ‘per assists’


We went massive on a list of fixes to enhance game play. Here is a quick glance of all the fixes that are now implemented in HodlGod:

– Fixed all Spectating Bugs

– Fixed all Dashing Bugs

– Fixed UI updating Issues (the user Interface now instantly updates)

– Fixed the Crashing Bug when opening Practice Mode without selecting a map

– Fixed all XP-related Issues

– Fixed the issue of Arrows not registering

– Fixed the issue of Hits not registering when multiple players are attacking the same enemy

– Fixed the issue of the bow not firing when players are standing in front of a low obstacle

– Fixed being able to damage people through doors or walls

– Crashes reported have been fixed

– Targeting an enemy and dashing doesn’t glitch anymore

– You no longer lose focus on the end leaderboard

– Dashing no longer glitches your animations

– XP is now granted if the zone takes part in the kill

– Locking a target and using ability 8 will no longer prevent the use of spells and weapons

– Players no longer bug when becoming frozen by ability 1

– Players are no longer frozen on the enemy screen and not on theirs

– We fixed the floating character problem after a Slam To Ground move

– We fixed flying bugs when hitting an enemy

– We fixed freezing arrows freezing in one shot and freezing arrows no longer move you

– VOID balance now updates correctly

– You can now scroll down the leaderboard

– No more rollback when casting spells

– You can now use the inverted Y axis option

– The game will not bug if two players die in the zone at the same time

– Arrows will now deal damage even if you are very close to your enemy

– UI on death is now fixed

– WAX Addresses will now show above the player’s head

– The Purple Coin will now appear and be pickable

– Spawn Points will not make you spawn when facing the walls anymore

– You cannot double jump twice using the RMB glitch

– When spectating a player that dies, it will bring you to the next player alive

So get your warrior on and jump on back into HodlGod if you haven’t played in a while. Our flagship Battle Royale style game just keeps getting better and better.

hodlgod play

Our Trophies Are Stakeable With Extreme Capacity Boosts!

Play-to-earn and Stream-to-earn HodlGod trophies, selling at 30 cents, are now stakeable on WhenStaking, our NFT staking platform, with a capacity of $4 – over 13 times their value. Simply stake and back them with $4 worth of VOID to earn a super-sized passive yield. 

Lease Your LEASE Bounty Contract NFTs To Other Players!

HodlGod now integrates the use of WhenStaking’s built-in lending system so you can stake your bounty contracts and lend the LEASE versions to other players! In order to lend your bounty contracts in HodlGod to other players, simply go to WhenStaking.com and stake it. There is no need to stake any VOID in it, unless you want to. Then take the Lease NFT to the Atomic Hub marketplace and put it for sale. You’ve just locked in a yield if you backed it with VOID and also retain the ability to sell it to other HodlGod warriors up to its expiry date. 

Keep in touch for more updates as we continue to develop HodlGod.






And as always… Stay Immortal!


What a ride!

Now, hot on the heels of our Power Generators flash sale, the celebrations continue and we are delighted to announce that all of our collaboration partners are now live on WhenStaking

whenstaking logo

So any of your NFTs from us and our collab partners that are above the 40k VOID threshold can be staked, backed with VOID, and begin earning you a nice passive yield!

As you know, HodlGod and Void Supernaturals NFTs are already live for staking, and expanding the protocol to our other partners was always the plan. We’re so excited about it, that we’re starting off with some super-sized yields.

Starting right now… we will officially have SIX COLLECTIONS stakable within WhenStaking. 


Here’s a rundown of the APRs we’re kicking off with:

WhenStaking Power Generators: 120%

DR-1 from DappRadar & Onessus (pictured above): 100%

Boysterous NFTs: 80%

Void Elementals: 80%

Those collections will join HodlGod NFTs earning 80% and Void Supernaturals NFTs yielding 60%.

So if you don’t have any NFTs from these collections, now would be a great time to head on over to AtomicHub and collect some!

(These APRs are special introductory rates so get your NFTs staked quickly to lock them in!)


And don’t forget the supercharged staking capacities for the Power Generators:

Generator Pack: $20

Silver Generator: $25

Gold Generator: $150

Diamond Generator: $350

And we’re giving Refer to Earn Badges a staking capacity of $20 to reward our awesomely active community members.

So get your NFTs staked and take advantage of these short time only supercharged yields!

Happy staking!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:





We’re excited to announce that Void Supernaturals NFTs will be immediately stakable on WhenStaking!

This is a monumental development, marking a celebration of the Onessus-The Guild collaboration and the expansion of the WhenStaking platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Onessus’ collaboration with The Guild, Void Supernaturals drops on Nefty Blocks tomorrow, Oct 5th at 12pm EST and the collectibles will be immediately stakable on WhenStaking.

Void Supernaturals

Void Supernaturals is a project celebrating the mythological characters that have accompanied human history and, in many ways, defined the human experience. The collectibles, created by 13 of The Guild’s finest artists, are the DAO’s first foray into the WAX universe, and Onessus’ couldn’t be happier to be partnering with them.

Void Supernaturals: Series One is the first in a three-series collaboration between Onessus and The Guild. The Series One collectible cards feature 32 characters, 6 rarity types, and a massive 12,064 card variations.   

void supernaturals hexaganesha

Where: Nefty Blocks

When: October 5th at 12pm EST, sale lasts 21hrs

Pack prices:

Initiate: $19.99 contains 5 cards 

Believer: $39.99 contains 12 cards and 1 Unique 

Supreme: $69.99 contains 24 cards and 1 Unique

The preminted sale will only last for 21hrs on Nefty Blocks, so make sure you have your WAX wallets loaded to grab some packs.

Staking Details

In a new development… the collection will be immediately stakable on WhenStaking.

Void Supernaturals collectibles will begin with a 60% APR for a limited time. Initial capacities and APR are outlined below:



Common = $4~

Uncommon = $5.75~

Rare = $11.7~

Epic = $103.5~

Legendary = $130.4~

Supreme = $3500~


Initiate $19.99~

Believer $39.99~

Supreme $69.99~

(Capacities and APRs will be updated on a monthly basis based on the price action of VOID tokens and the market prices of the Void Supernaturals collection.)

Remember, you’ll need to back your NFTs with VOID tokens to earn a yield. 
VOID can be purchased for WAXP at Alcor Exchange.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this drop and the staking possibilities here.

See you at the sale!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:





Let’s power up with a 10-minute flash sale!

To celebrate the recent launch of our awesome NFT staking platform – which already has around 7% of the max supply of VOID tokens locked up and around 5,000 NFTs staked – we are holding a WhenStaking Power Generators event!

Key Takeaways

  • Buy some of our awesome new NFTs – Power Generators – the top buyers win cash prizes!
  • Stake an NFT in your wallet to WhenStaking for a chance to win a new NFT!
  • All collab partner NFTs will now be stakable!
power generators

We value our community, so this Power Generators event has three goals: to encourage our community to try out our staking platform to earn some passive VOID, to thank our loyal community with chances to win prizes, and to usher in broader horizons for WhenStaking by adding staking capabilities for our partner creators.

What’s on Offer?

We will be rewarding the top 8 Power Generators buyers with cash prizes of a total of $10k: 

The top buyer gets the 1st prize of $5k; 

The next three get $1k; 

The next four get $500 each. 

Not only that… the Power Generator NFTs will get a 120% APR boost if you stake them in the first week after the launch! So everyone wins!

That’s right! At the WhenStaking Power Generators event, the drinks are on us!

Read on…

There is no whitelisting, so anyone can participate. Here are the details of the Power Generators NFTs:

Where: Atomic Hub

When: Oct 7th, 12pm EST for 10 mins only!

Total supply: Unlimited, with 3 rarities

Each pack contains 1 Power Generator:

Silver: 70% chance (staking capacity $25)

Gold: 20% chance (staking capacity $150)

Diamond: 10% chance (staking capacity $350)

All packs: $19.99

Pack openings start 1 hour after the sale.

whenstaking power generators

And because this is a celebration of the continued work we are doing to make WhenStaking not just the fastest growing but also the best NFT staking protocol out there… we’re onboarding all of our collab partners!

As part of the festivities, we are expanding WhenStaking’s capabilities to make all Onessus collab NFTs stakable. We don’t have a precise time on this, but it will be soon after the Power Generators flash sale.

Let’s recap who those collab partners are, shall we?

Boysterous Couture

Things may get a little boisterous at the Power Generators event but it wouldn’t be the same without our friends over at Boysterous Couture, the luxury accessories brand out of Charleston, South Carolina. Boysterous Couture have dipped their toes into the NFT scene of late, causing quite a lot of excitement.

boysterous couture wallet

Void Elementals

The creators who blend science and art and the periodic table of elements to the creative industries will also have a seat at the Power Generators table. We can’t wait to have their sublime artwork on our WhenStaking platform.

void elementals


The DappRadar-HodlGod collab project, DR-1 and all its parts, was the first foray into NFT minting from the world’s favorite Dapp, DeFi, and NFT analytics platform. We were proud to partner with them on DR-1, and are equally proud to have them on the WhenStaking platform.


Void Supernaturals

The splendid collection of mythological characters that have defined the human experience over history, crafted by 13 amazing artists from The Guild, was a collaboration of epic proportions to be launched on Nefty Blocks on October 5th. We’re proud to onboard them onto the WhenStaking protocol.

void supernaturals

After the Power Generators event is over, these partners’ NFTs will soon join HodlGod NFTs as WhenStaking stakable.

What’s a Party Unless Everyone’s Invited?

If, for whatever reason, these NFTs aren’t your style, you can still have a seat at the table. Everyone holding a stakable NFT in their wallet can join the party by staking. That puts you in the running to win NFTs. There are also prizes for the most VOID backed to staked NFTs and the most staked NFTs.

Cash prizes… extreme APR boosted NFTs… prizes for staking and backing with VOID… and our collab partners onboarded! All taking place on the fastest growing NFT staking platform in the world! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

Pencil the date into your calendar: Oct 7th, 12pm EST for 10 mins only

See you there!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:





A Whole New Partnership With Art Worth Celebrating!

We love bringing on new collaboration partners. With each new collab, here at Onessus we get to work with a whole new team and explore new possibilities in the NFT landscape.

And its great to be able to partner up with such an esteemed organization as The Guild.

The Guild is a dedicated community of art and NFT lovers that brings together artists from the NFT landscape on NFT collaborations. The decentralized organization has, for example, created CyberWatch on Async Art, a celebration of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. The piece is truly inspiring, composed of 34 layers and the work of 33 artists. Its last sales price was 88 ETH.

The Guild is an all-artist organization with artists from all over the world and all different styles: from 2D, 3D, comics, traditional art, music, etc… the list goes on. The Guild has already demonstrated the respect it has gained in the community, boasting followers and collectors such as Metakovan and Twobadour.

Onessus’ collab with The Guild marks their first foray into the WAX space. Void Supernaturals is the project, and we can’t wait to launch it. We think it’s pretty special.

Void Supernaturals: Series One

Void Supernaturals: Series One is the first in a three-series collaboration between Onessus and The Guild. The Series One collectible cards feature 32 characters, 6 rarity types, and a massive 12,064 card variations.   

Void Supernaturals is very much, as The Guild put it best:

“a celebration of mythical characters that have defined the human experience over the course of history, as imagined by The Guild’s NFT artists.” 

Each card blends the styles of the different artists involved, resulting in some truly spectacular and intricate artwork.

13 incredible artists worked on this first series, and The Guild’s rotating roster of talented creators means new artists – some established, others emerging – will be working on Series Two and Three.

The different classes in the collection are Mythological, Gods/Goddess, Warrior, and Animal, with multiple and differing styles, background colourways, and frame colourways for each Rarity.

Void Supernaturals sale

The incredible collection has been months in the making and we’re super excited about it. The NFTs will be stakable on the WhenStaking platform (please give us time to upgrade the protocol to accommodate them). The collection has the following rarities:

Common: 44.05%

Uncommon: 37.75%

Rare: 15.10%

Epic: 1.70% (with a silver holographic foil enhancement)

Legendary: 1.35% (with a unique gold holographic foil enhancement)

Supreme: 00.05% (with a psychedelic holographic foil enhancement!)

And for something a little extra…

In the packs there will be 3 Charged Particles Easter Eggs: whoever finds the three 1/1 NFTs will be able to claim those nested NFTs on Charged Particles. These unique 1/1 pieces come pre-loaded with interest-bearing assets via the AAVE protocol. Those assets can be redeemed through the discharge function, sold, or staked.

This is a bold and ambitious project.

It represents the best artwork that the NFT community has to offer.

And we think it’s pretty special.

Sale details are as follows:

Where: Nefty Blocks

When: October 5th at 12pm EST, sale lasts 24hrs

Pack prices:

Initiate: $19.99 contains 5 cards 

Believer: $39.99 contains 12 cards and 1 Unique 

Supreme: $69.99 contains 24 cards and 1 Unique

The preminted sale will only last for 24hrs on Nefty Blocks, so make sure you have your WAX wallets loaded to grab some packs.

We hope to see you at the sale. We can’t wait for this!

Don’t forget to keep in touch through our socials and our website for more updates:






Blockchain and NFTs are set to disrupt the gaming industry in a major way. This is creating a seismic shift in the gaming industry. Real in-game asset ownership and play-to-earn models with legitimate secondary marketplaces are replacing pay-to-win revenue models.

Finance was the first sector to find itself in the path of disruption by blockchain technology’s first use-case in cryptocurrencies. But there has long been an understanding that the tech could disrupt any number of industries in different ways. The gaming industry seems set for an overhaul – and that overhaul may already be underway.

True Ownership of In-Game Assets

Traditionally, any in-game assets players won or bought, like character skins, weapons, and other items were not truly theirs. They remained under the ownership of the game developers. Grey markets arose where players would trade in-game assets. But those were never sanctioned – and players were often punished – for participating in them.

In-game NFTs have changed all that. Almost everyone in the blockchain space is familiar with Axie Infinity; whose characters, Axies, are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The smooth love potions (SLPs) players need to find to breed new Axies, are cryptocurrency tokens that are tradeable and have a dollar value on the exchanges they trade on, such as Binance.

HodlGod players are rewarded with in-game NFT drops. Those NFTs are theirs to keep. They can be traded, exchanged, and now staked on Onessus’ NFT staking platform, WhenStaking. NFT staking offers NFT hodlers a way to earn a yield on their NFTs. 

This movement toward allowing players to truly own their in-game assets, either as NFTs or more traditional fungible tokens, has turned the gaming item ownership model on its head. A $200 billion industry is set for major disruption.


The Play-To-Earn Model

Play-to-Earn mechanisms with legitimate secondary marketplaces are replacing pay-to-win gaming models and proving a more enjoyable experience for gamers. All of this is made possible by blockchain technology.

Pay-to-win is often considered unfair. Players with deeper pockets could simply buy valuable in-game assets, like weapons, and outmuscle other gamers. The spirit of gaming – skillful players would succeed where others wouldn’t – falls down when pay-to-win is a way to get ahead.

A more fulfilling model, play-to-earn (P2E), rewards skilled gamers with NFTs and other blockchain-based assets, such as crypto tokens. HodlGod players who earn NFTs during their gameplay are rewarded for their skill, not their capacity to buy in-game assets for themselves.

From financial services, investing, supply chains, art, and now gaming, blockchain and NFTs are changing the way industries work. We think it’s for the better.

whenstaking logo

We did it!

A huge shout out to the Onessus & HodlGod community for waiting for WhenStaking.com – the ultimate NFT staking protocol. We recently told you it was imminent and here it is!

Check it out. WhenStaking.com


WhenStaking is Onessus’ much-anticipated foray into the NFT marketplace arena. And this will be no ordinary NFT platform. WhenStaking is our premier, exclusive NFT staking protocol, opening up entirely new doors to what is possible with NFT staking.

We are innovative. We like to make things that are never-before-seen and that push the boundaries of possibilities. WhenStaking is a truly unique creation and there is nothing on the market like it. It is a gamified NFT marketplace and staking protocol that we hope will take NFTs to the very next level. Check out our quick Tutorial Video Part 1 to get a glimpse of how it all works.



As a lot of what we are doing is entirely new, we thought it best to describe how WhenStaking will work and what you can expect through pre-emptive-FAQs (questions we imagine we might be asked). Here goes…

What is WhenStaking, In a Nutshell?

WhenStaking is an NFT staking protocol that will be home to quite a variety of NFTs from both Onessus’ suite of products, partner/collab NFTs, and more to come. It will be highly selective. In order to maximise value for our community and uphold the highest of standards, we’ll be approving only those projects we consider the best in quality to integrate with the protocol.

While there will be a variety of NFTs on WhenStaking, they will all share some common utility: they can be burned, lent, and will allow hodlers to stake VOID to them to level up their value and their potential to generate passive returns.

How Do I Stake an NFT on WhenStaking?

The process of staking an NFT with WhenStaking is outlined here. First, an APR of an NFT will be determined based on a number of factors. The collection, rarity, and average price will be used to calculate a base APR and a base staking capacity. Higher rarity and higher priced NFTs from more valued collections will have higher APRs and higher base staking capacity.

All NFTs integrated with WhenStaking will have a level, from 1 to 50. NFTs can level up with experience. Experience is calculated from the amount of VOID staked and the time an NFT is staked. The higher the VOID backing the NFT and the longer it is staked, the higher the yield. As NFTs level up in value, their base staking capacity increases – meaning NFTs staked for a long time will continue levelling up if the hodler continues to increase their VOID backing.

When you stake an NFT, you get your VOID yield paid out immediately and a clone of the NFT: a Lease NFT. 

What Are Lease NFTs?

When you stake an NFT, you get the yield up front and a clone of the NFT that we’re calling a “Lease NFT”. The Lease NFT mechanism is in place to facilitate lending. Lease NFTs can be sold on the secondary marketplace, but what must be remembered is that Lease NFTs have an expiry, based on how long the original NFT is being staked for. So a Lease NFT’s yield will be bound by the time remaining to the expiry date.

There are two reasons why Lease NFTs might be valuable to other hodlers to buy. Firstly, Lease NFTs can be leveraged to take advantage of left over VOID staking capacity that the original NFT owner did not use. For example, if the original NFT hodler stakes 1,000 VOID tokens to it, and it has a staking capacity of 2,000 VOID tokens, the owner of the Lease NFT can stake the extra 1,000 VOID tokens to it, and earn a yield up to its expiration date.

The second reason someone may want to buy a Lease NFT is that they can be used for whatever utility the original NFT has. As an example, a Lease NFT of a HodlGod bounty contract can be used in-game just the same as the original bounty contract NFT.

whenstaking screenshot

Can I Burn My NFT as Well as Stake It?

Yes. NFTs can be burned to instantly liquidate their underlying VOID tokens, but you’ll only get approximately half of the NFT’s VOID value, depending on the NFT. Only by selling on the marketplace or by staking can you capture the full VOID value backing the NFT.

Staking NFTs gives WhenStaking its unique appeal and brings utility to all NFTs integrated with the protocol. While other NFT platforms can be static, WhenStaking is a completely dynamic protocol. NFTs can be staked, lent, leveled up, and burned. Fueled by $VOID, WhenStaking allows NFT hodlers to earn yield from their tokens and increase those yields as they level up their NFTs.

What is the APR I Can Expect to Earn?

The APR for each NFT will be 80%. This is a first month boost for our loyal community, and it is subject to change over time. It is also important to bear in mind that the VOID staking mechanics will make this around 40% in true returns.

For example, if you have an NFT worth $600, at an APR of 80%, you will earn a yield of $480. But you will also need to stake an equivalent amount of VOID tokens ($600) along with the NFT.

There is a base staking capacity of 40K VOID, so NFTs worth less than that will not be stakeable. We are working on setting up blending events where hodlers can combine lower priced NFTs into more expensive ones.

Other FAQs

We expect there will be more frequently asked questions than we can possibly predict, so over time we’ll address these as they arise. Feel free to reach out to us on the Onessus Discord to ask any questions you may have.

Endless Possibilities in the Future

Please bear in mind: the protocol is in beta and there will be many enhancements and improvements over time as we develop it further. 

For example, the WhenStaking protocol also allows for the integration of cool events in the future, like double yield weekends. Over the long term, we plan to expand to accommodate other networks, bridging NFTs from all over the cryptosphere, expanding beyond WAX. 

We have crafted WhenStaking to create a new standard for the industry. Static NFT marketplaces are great. But we want to take the sector one giant step further. WhenStaking is a beast: a protocol powered to do things and create opportunities that haven’t been seen before.

We’re pretty proud to unveil it, too. At Onessus we have always been committed to genuine innovation, so any NFT staking protocol we developed had to be in line with that focus.

With support from the community, WhenStaking will thrive. We’ve already had many submissions from NFT creators seeking to have their work integrated with the protocol. We are seeking only the best of the best. 

We’re here to bring fresh and exciting ideas to the space and to push boundaries. That’s in Onessus’ DNA.

And we’re confident WhenStaking will become emblematic of that.

Don’t forget to keep in touch through our socials and our website for more updates:






See you and your NFTs over at the WhenStaking protocol!!

Remember our friends over at Boysterous Couture? They’ve been up to something pretty exciting which we thought we’d share with you.

Their new NFT sale, set for Thursday, 26th of August at 2pm Eastern, will feature three variants – Classic, Premium, and Luxury – of The Bitcoin Bag. ‘What is The Bitcoin Bag?’ I hear you ask. 

Great question. 

This is pretty epic.

Boysterous Couture’s Tribute to Bitcoin

The brothers at Boysterous Couture have created a stunning fashion piece, a timeless and exquisite ode to the world’s oldest and most prized cryptocurrency. After 6 months of design and over 250 hours of handicraft, the iconic fashion accessories brand has crafted a bag truly worthy of its name, The Bitcoin Bag.

Made from the finest of materials, including specialty tanned American Bison Leather, Italian Calfskin, and American Black Walnut, the bag is gilded and finished with 24kt Italian Gold Leaf.






And the brothers are introducing The Bitcoin Bag through The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event – which begins on the 26th.

The Bitcoin Bag close up

The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event

The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event will be a weeklong airdrop/blending festival at the end of which one lucky winner will walk away with the right to redeem the physical Bitcoin Bag, with a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet with $500 BTC on it, along with an acrylic display to keep the bag protected.

Because it really is beautiful enough to just, well, put on display. This is fashion and NFT history in the making.

So how will this all unfold?

During the initial sale, Boysterous will be dropping three variants of Bitcoin Bag NFTs. Collectors will first receive NTTs (non-tradeable tokens) that represent the right to get those NFTs. The NFTs will be airdropped after the initial sale.

The variants are:

Classic Bitcoin Bag: 999 available @150 WAX 

Premium Bitcoin Bag: 499 available @300 WAX 

Luxury Bitcoin Bag: 249 available @500 WAX 

(It’s only right to point out that a total of 699 Luxury Bitcoin Bag NFTs may be minted, but only 249 are available during this initial sale).

A 4th variant, Extravagant, will also be created… more details to come soon!

The Bitcoin Bag from Boysterous Couture

A Weeklong Extravaganza

Then every wallet hodling a Bitcoin Bag NFT will receive two to four special NFTs during the week. Those NFTs will vary with each variant of the NFTs held at the time of each snapshot. 

One of the additional special NFTs in each wallet will be eligible for another blending event in the future. At that event, Boysterous will be giving away 14 redeemable handmade Bitcoin Minimalist Wallet NFTs.

That means, during the weeklong extravaganza, 15 redeemable NFTs for The Bitcoin Bag and 14 minimalist wallets will be given away!

So fill your WAX cloud wallets with WAXP tokens and get ready over at AtomicHub for what promises to be a truly remarkable event for both the fashion and NFT worlds. WAXP can be bought through your wallet or on Bittrex and Kucoin.

Remember to stay in touch with Onessus through our socials and chats: