Remember our friends over at Boysterous Couture? They’ve been up to something pretty exciting which we thought we’d share with you.

Their new NFT sale, set for Thursday, 26th of August at 2pm Eastern, will feature three variants – Classic, Premium, and Luxury – of The Bitcoin Bag. ‘What is The Bitcoin Bag?’ I hear you ask. 

Great question. 

This is pretty epic.

Boysterous Couture’s Tribute to Bitcoin

The brothers at Boysterous Couture have created a stunning fashion piece, a timeless and exquisite ode to the world’s oldest and most prized cryptocurrency. After 6 months of design and over 250 hours of handicraft, the iconic fashion accessories brand has crafted a bag truly worthy of its name, The Bitcoin Bag.

Made from the finest of materials, including specialty tanned American Bison Leather, Italian Calfskin, and American Black Walnut, the bag is gilded and finished with 24kt Italian Gold Leaf.






And the brothers are introducing The Bitcoin Bag through The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event – which begins on the 26th.

The Bitcoin Bag close up

The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event

The Bitcoin Bag Blending Event will be a weeklong airdrop/blending festival at the end of which one lucky winner will walk away with the right to redeem the physical Bitcoin Bag, with a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet with $500 BTC on it, along with an acrylic display to keep the bag protected.

Because it really is beautiful enough to just, well, put on display. This is fashion and NFT history in the making.

So how will this all unfold?

During the initial sale, Boysterous will be dropping three variants of Bitcoin Bag NFTs. Collectors will first receive NTTs (non-tradeable tokens) that represent the right to get those NFTs. The NFTs will be airdropped after the initial sale.

The variants are:

Classic Bitcoin Bag: 999 available @150 WAX 

Premium Bitcoin Bag: 499 available @300 WAX 

Luxury Bitcoin Bag: 249 available @500 WAX 

(It’s only right to point out that a total of 699 Luxury Bitcoin Bag NFTs may be minted, but only 249 are available during this initial sale).

A 4th variant, Extravagant, will also be created… more details to come soon!

The Bitcoin Bag from Boysterous Couture

A Weeklong Extravaganza

Then every wallet hodling a Bitcoin Bag NFT will receive two to four special NFTs during the week. Those NFTs will vary with each variant of the NFTs held at the time of each snapshot. 

One of the additional special NFTs in each wallet will be eligible for another blending event in the future. At that event, Boysterous will be giving away 14 redeemable handmade Bitcoin Minimalist Wallet NFTs.

That means, during the weeklong extravaganza, 15 redeemable NFTs for The Bitcoin Bag and 14 minimalist wallets will be given away!

So fill your WAX cloud wallets with WAXP tokens and get ready over at AtomicHub for what promises to be a truly remarkable event for both the fashion and NFT worlds. WAXP can be bought through your wallet or on Bittrex and Kucoin.

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