WhenStaking: Major Upgrades To Usher In The New Year

We have implemented some major upgrades to WhenStaking to usher in the new year. We are hoping 2022 will be a massive year for all of our community, and we wanted to kick it off with some good news.

Over the months since WhenStaking.com was launched, we have received feedback from our users and set to work on enhancing the site.

Many users will already have noticed the changes to the UI. But we wanted to outline all the changes we have made to bring improvements to WhenStaking’s functionality and user-friendliness.

whenstaking logo

Check These Changes Out

The staking capacity of an NFT can now be viewed before it is staked. Simply click on any NFT to see how much VOID you can stake to it. That change makes it clearer for users to identify which of their NFTs have larger staking capacities. 

In addition to that, for a cleaner user experience, all non-stakeable NFTs have been removed from displaying on the platform.

Remaining time is now displayed in terms of days and hours. Just hover over the green progress bar on a staked NFT to see how long it will remain staked. Hovering will also tell you if the staking period has finished.

The amount of VOID staked to an NFT is now clearly shown. That is displayed for NFTs that are being staked and also those that were previously staked. The mint number of the NFT is also now clearly displayed.  

The Claim All button is now functional for a fast reclaim of NFTs after their staking period has concluded, and popups will now show at the bottom right of screen for greater ease of use.

For upcoming capacity and APR changes, click through to the Changelog page on the site. That will make it easier for users to refer to staking capacities and yields.

whitelist pass nft

Calling All NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist Pass Holders

At the end of the day on January 10th, we will be taking a snapshot of wallets to determine all NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist Pass holders in preparation for the commencement of our exotic car pre-sale.

Holders at that date, by midnight, will have the right to a free exotic NiftyVille car NFT and an opportunity to buy 3 more. They will also get 2 cars, exclusively and on us, of the 200 we will be minting on the Polygon network.

You will be receiving an NFT with instructions of what to do next. Stay tuned.

This is a great chance to get a head start in the race to be the number one holder once all 999 cars (on Ethereum) are sold out and win yourself the real Lambo. (Remember… the cars minted on Polygon don’t count toward the tally in the Lambo auction, but the free ones on Ethereum do!) 

Elektrum Strike

HodlGod Immortal Gear Series 2 Pack Reboots On Hold… For Now

We have decided to suspend the reboot rounds of HodlGod Immortal Gear Series 2 packs for the time being. Congratulations to all those who picked up some packs in the pre-sale and first 3 rounds. 

We look forward to seeing your freshly forged gear sets on the battlefield.

At Onessus, we continue to grow. We continue to improve. And we continue to listen to your feedback and bring product changes that we know you will enjoy and find useful. 

Welcome to 2022. Welcome to a new-look WhenStaking NFT platform and get set for the impending launch of our exotic car NFTs.

Happy staking!

Happy gaming!

And happy collecting!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:





We have been busy at Onessus over the Christmas-New Year period to celebrate the end of an exciting year with our community. There are prizes and special rewards as well as an NFT drop. We also have some important news regarding EOS VOID.

There’s a lot going on, so at a glance:

  • We are holding a NiftyVille early access guided tour & cash prize contest
  • HodlGod Immortal Gear Series 2 Sale 3 goes live for 2 hrs only midday today, Dec 30th
  • Double badge rewards in-game in HodlGod until the new year
  • The EOS to WAX VOID bridge is closing on April 30th

NiftyVille Guided Tour & $VOID Prizes

Despite a short delay, NiftyVille development is continuing at breakneck speed. As we previously communicated, our NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist pass holders get special early access to the game before the general public, and we will be making some announcements around that soon.

Also, to allow others in our community to let their imaginations run rampant with the endless possibilities of what NiftyVille will be, we are currently running a contest.

We will be giving away 500k VOID to 5 lucky winners (100k each) and guided tours of the world’s first play-to-earn open world game for our Founders.

For your chance to win, simply enter our Gleam contest. The VOID prize contest is open to everyone and our Founders also get the chance for a pre-public glimpse of the town of NiftyVille!

HoldGod Immortal Gear Series 2 Packs: Round 3

HodlGod’s newest champions of the battlefield have been unleashed, with almost 1,500 already snatched up. Thursday we are selling only 100 packs in the third round of the sale. Prices are rising, and they will be selling for $119.99 this round. 

As always, the top 10 buyers share in 10% of the net proceeds and these packs contain 6 NFTs, with the shards enabling you to forge up to a new Immortal Gear set.

Remember: Staking capacities and APRs on these NFTs remain high.

Double Badge Rewards In HodlGod Until The New Year

As we mentioned last week, to celebrate the Christmas and New Year period, we have doubled the bonus rewards for HodlGod badges from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day – ending a second before 2022.

The badge (and trophy) rewards will be as follows:

Exalted Hunter trophy: up from 10k to 20k VOID

Vanguard badge: up from 5k to 10k VOID

Warlord badge: up from 2k to 4k VOID

Mercenary badge: up from 250 to 500 VOID

We are hoping HodlGod titans will use this opportunity to maximize their in-game rewards by buying some burn credits and get forging.

void logo

The EOS To WAX VOID Bridge Will Be Closing In 4 Months

On May 1st we will be suspending the EOS to WAX VOID bridge. That means April 30th, 2022 will be your last chance to move your VOID over to the WAX network.

We airdropped almost 10 billion VOID to wallets holding at least 100 EOS in March, 2019. That was based on a snapshot taken October 10th, 2018.

In February 2020 we launched HodlGod on WAX, explaining the rationale behind our choice of WAX over EOS in this article.

In March this year, we encouraged VOID holders to migrate their tokens to the WAX blockchain with a simple explainer. 

For a refresher, this is how to move your tokens across to WAX:

How To Convert EOS VOID Into WAX VOID

If you have VOID you would like to convert from the EOS Blockchain, simply send your VOID to the following EOS Account with your WAX account name (or WAX Cloud Wallet Name) as the memo. 

For example the transaction would look like this:

To: voideostowax

Memo: yourname.wam

Remember! Always do a small test transaction when you are converting your VOID to make sure you have everything entered correctly. The transaction will take about 5–20 minutes and the VOID will automatically be added to your WAX Account.

Given our commitment to WAX, (and also to Ethereum in the near-future), we encourage all EOS VOID holders to convert their tokens across to the WAX network. We are giving everyone 4 months to take this action. After April 30th, 2022, EOS-based VOID will no longer be able to be migrated.

That’s it from us for this holiday period update.

We look forward to seeing you all in our community channels and hope to usher in an exciting new year with you.












To celebrate the Christmas and New Year period, we will be doubling the bonus rewards for HodlGod badges from Christmas Day (12pm EST) to New Year’s Day.

During this short period, ending at 11:59pm New Year’s Day, the badge and trophy rewards will double, as follows:

Exalted Hunter trophy: up from 10k to 20k VOID

Vanguard badge: up from 5k to 10k VOID

Warlord badge: up from 2k to 4k VOID

Mercenary badge: up from 250 to 500 VOID

So get some burn credits and get forging, Immortals. It’s a splendid time of year for gamers.

(And don’t forget, every Thursday for the next few weeks we will be selling 400 Immortal Gear Series 2 packs on Nefty Blocks. Top 10 buyers share in the earnings!)

An Update On NiftyVille

The launch of NiftyVille is delayed until Q2 2022. 

We made this decision to provide NiftyVille the best possible platform to launch from. While postponing the launch was, in the end, the right decision to make, we understand that many in our community were looking forward to the pre-alpha reveal next week.

The fact is we are on the cutting edge of something big and something wholly new. New and cutting edge takes time. Slightly more time than we’d hoped.

We’re also straddling two industries that operate at very different paces. 24/7/365 crypto is a fast-moving, nonstop, no-sleep kind of industry. One in which three days can feel like a lifetime.

Developing games, however, is a much slower process.

We’re a small team with BIG AMBITIONS. We want NiftyVille to be the best NFT- and blockchain-based game in the world. With the aim of creating such a game changer, we felt it was in our community’s best interest to postpone its launch.

At Onessus, community comes first, and we build all of our products with our community in mind. NiftyVille will be worth the wait. That much we can promise.

Silver Lining

While this is disappointing for us and our community, there are some positives we would like to share.

Over the next few months, we will be welcoming our Exotic Whitelist pass holders to give NiftyVille an exclusive test run. We will also be holding regular events as we lead up to the launch to make up for the delay. 

So stay in touch on Discord and Telegram to keep up to date. We will be sharing progress with you! 

In the meantime, we truly hope you all enjoy the festive season spending time with your loved ones, getting some solid HodlGod hours in, and resting up.












NiftyVille just may be the most hotly anticipated blockchain game of 2021.

And we’re proud to announce that the world’s first ever open world play-to-earn game is set to launch at the end of December!

The first MMO game based on the real world…

A GTA-inspired open world where the possibilities are endless…

An NFT-inspired entertainment platform for competitive and casual gamers alike…

Everyone has their own way of describing NiftyVille. And that’s great. One of the most exciting things about our open world game is that it really is limited only by the community’s collective imagination.

street shot of NiftyVille

Time To Get Nifty!

NiftyVille promises to be a gaming experience like no other. And while its full vision will take time to come to fruition after its pre-alpha launch, our plans for NiftyVille are expansive.

We want NiftyVille to be THE flagship play-to-earn game, helping usher in a whole new era of gaming that is based on fairness, rewarding players, and verified ownership of in-game assets earned.

On December 28th, at 12pm EST, we will be welcoming our NiftyVille Whitelist Exotic pass holders to try out the game before anyone else. Whitelist holders will have a full 48 hours in NiftyVille before we launch to the public.

December 30th will mark the public reveal of NiftyVille. We would love to see you all there. It is fun to be first!

The pre-alpha version of the game will have features that allow players to explore the town on foot or by car, shoot weapons, and emote each other. A whole host of features is down the line. Check the roadmap on our website for more on that.

standing on a rooftop in NiftyVille

All that being said, we will be sending our Whitelist holders an NFT with instructions on how to get early access on the 28th. It will also indicate the info we need to get you into the whitelist holder-exclusive exotic car sale and giveaway.

Keep an eye out for it!

With around a week to go, there’s a lot happening. As always, feel free to reach out and stay in touch with us and the growing Onessus community. Keep warm and stay safe out there!





There is no telling what would come of a battle between Proteus Shroud and Solid Aurum.

Nor could we predict the outcome of an Elektrum Strike vs. Stained Rubeus fight to the death. 

But there will be blood.

And the earth of the land of The Immortals will tremble.

hodlgod series 2 immortal gear sets

These ferocious warriors are set to be unleashed into the HodlGod arena (simply update to the new version). We wanted to make a special introduction in honor of their arrival.

The time to forge is nigh! From 9pm EST today, Friday, the forging will begin.


Solid Aurum

Solid Aurum

Stained Rubeus

Stained Rubeus

Proteus Shroud

Proteus Shroud

And last, but certainly not least, Elektrum Strike

These four new Immortal Gear sets will have a profound impact in HodlGod. Equip yourself with one of these gear sets, the new generation of HodlGod warriors, by grabbing a few NFT packs from Nefty Blocks, and forging 4 shards of a given warrior into that warrior. (Each pack contains 3 shards and 3 badges.)  

Extra Rewards

By equipping yourself with one of these new warriors in-game, players will be able to earn extra rewards as they battle. A Stained Rubeus-equipped player will pick up an extra badge for every in-game drop they collect. Proteus Shroud gives you 2 extra. Elektrum Strike: 4 extra badges for each in-game drop collected.

A Reminder About Staking Capacities

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the enormous staking capacities of the shard and badge NFTs that make up the packs. These boosted earnings capacities on WhenStaking include not only an 85% APR, but their VOID-backed staking capacities are huge. We did a little math earlier to show that any pack is worth, at minimum, 20% more than the $99.99 price tag, with values ranging up to the thousands of dollars worth.

So saddle up, warriors. Immortal Gear Set Series 2 warriors are a new breed of battle-hardened fighters ready to help take your gaming experience and your combat-readiness to new levels. 

Become Immortal.





… And it is almost palpable.

We’re seeing the start of something big… and it is increasingly undeniable that our community is seeing the same thing.

Play-to-earn | NFTs | NFT staking | blockchain gaming

These things drive everything we do at Onessus.

We are still building.

We are still early. 

And so are you.

What Just Happened?

Last week, we sold 300 NTTs (non-tradeable tokens) giving holders guaranteed HodlGod Immortal Gear set packs, the main sale of which is tomorrow. 

They were gone in 60 seconds!

niftyville tier 2 property

On Sunday, we launched our genesis auction on OpenSea – the first four NiftyVille property NFTs to be sold. (The other 6 were given randomly to our NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist VIP Pass holders.)

The auction finished with one property selling for around $31k and total sales of roughly $72k. For four properties!

These were Tier 1 and Tier 2 real estate, the lower priced tiers, so we can’t wait to see how future sales go. 

One thing is clear: the community recognizes that NiftyVille properties will be scarce and valuable.

hodlgod immortal gear nft packs

What’s About To Happen?

Four new Immortal Gear sets are about to step into the HodlGod arena. To get one, warriors can buy NFT packs from 12pm EST on Tuesday 7th on Nefty Blocks and forge up their shards to a new Immortal Gear set (4 shards of each Immortal Gear warrior is required to get the matching Immortal Gear NFT).

Each pack has 3 shards and 3 badges and the NFTs are endowed with big staking capacities and a big APR of 85% on WhenStaking.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new warriors in action:

immortal gear teaser

What’s Imminent?

The pre-alpha public release of NiftyVille is not far away at all. We know everyone is excited about this… you’ll only need to wait a little longer.

The NiftyVille exotic car sale is also fast-approaching. And not only do owners get to drive around in the coolest cars in NiftyVille… the wallet holding the most NFTs once they sell out will get the coolest car in their own real-world neighborhood because we had the audacity to tokenize a Lambo and put it up for auction!

exotic car NFT

What’s Actually Happening Here?

Big picture: We are still building. We are still early. Our community is still early. But the vision is beginning to crystalize. Onessus’ dream of an ecosystem of entertainment and gaming products, built on blockchain, committed to play-to-earn models, connected by $VOID… has never been so clear and never been so close.  

With two products online, another imminent, and yet others as-yet-unannounced but coming soon, we hope the community can see the Onessus and $VOID product suite coming together.

Despite all this activity… you are still early!

Before we go… this calls for another primer on how to buy VOID:

Timely refresher on buying $VOID, as we get asked a lot.

Head on over to Alcor exchange to buy VOID with WAXP. (You can get WAXP on Binance, Kucoin, and Bittrex or with a credit card through your WAX Cloud wallet).

As Alcor is a DEX, once you buy VOID they will go straight to your wallet. Check out your tokens on Bloks.io.

To view your VOID holdings directly in your WAX Cloud wallet, click manage under tokens, then add custom token, and manually enter the following:

Token symbol: VOID

Decimal places: 4

Token contract: onessusonwax

As always, keep up-to-date through our social channels and website and feel free to reach out any time with any questions, comments, ideas!






HodlGod is already – we think – the best Battle Royale style game in the play-to-earn universe. But over the next few weeks we have some pretty amazing things to announce. This is HUGE!

Key Takeaways:

  • Immortal Gear Series 2 packs will be selling for half-price in a pre-sale Dec 2nd, 12pm EST
  • Main sale goes live Dec 7th, 12pm EST
  • ALL HodlGod NFTs will get an APR re-set to 85%
  • Staking values (capacities) for the new series are massive
  • We’re ushering in substantial changes to our play-to-earn structure to increase earnings capacities

We hinted at this recently when we announced major upgrades to HodlGod – the biggest yet, in fact.

We said our new Immortal Gear sets were coming soon.

And by soon, we really meant it.

And our Series 2 Sets are heralding some MASSIVE changes to our play-to-earn and earnings structure… coming very soon (more on that below).

First up, introducing…

HodlGod’s Four New Immortal Gear Sets

We’re unleashing four new Immortal Gear sets into the HodlGod battle zone.

These warriors are formidable and will soon be running rampage in the HodlGod arena. And there is something for everyone. Something for swordsmen. Something for those who might like to brandish an axe. And a character equipped with maces to take your game to the next level.

It’s time to warrior-up! Let’s check them out.

Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum are waiting to impose themselves in the land of The Immortals.

Warriors can get one by buying our new NFT packs (3 shards and 3 badges in each) and forge their shards up to an Immortal Gear Set. So to snare yourself a Stained Rubeus, for example, you’ll need to collect and forge the Stained Rubeus offhand sword shard, main hand sword shard, armour shard, and bow shard.

We’re doing this over two sales.

The Pre-Sale

For the ultimate HodlGod warriors, we’re holding a presale this Thursday, Dec 2nd at 12pm EST on Nefty Blocks. We’ll be selling only 300 NTTs (non-tradeable tokens). Each token gives the holder the right to be airdropped an NFT pack on Dec 7th. One NTT costs $50. Half price.

The Main Sale

On Dec 7th at 12pm on Nefty Blocks, we’ll be selling all 4,700 outstanding packs, with 300 airdropped to pre-sale NTT holders. Each pack is worth $100. The main sale will last until sold out.

The new Immortal Gear sets will be equippable in-game, allowing warriors to look incredibly intimidating on the field of battle and also collect green coins while they play…

And the NFT rarities are as follows:

Solid Aurum shard: 50%

Stained Rubeus shard: 25%

Proteus Shroud shard: 15%

Elektrum Strike shard: 10%

Basic Shield: 30%

Conqueror’s Shield: 25%

Transcendent Shield: 15%

Skull King Shield: 13%

Shield of Trapped Souls: 10%

Astral Demon Shield: 6%

VOID Portal Badge: 1%

… But We Have Two Bold Changes To Talk About

We will be celebrating the debuts of Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum in HodlGod with a massive re-set of HodlGod NFT APRs to 85%. That’s ALL HodlGod NFTs, including this new Series, staked on WhenStaking, earning an 85% annual return – making these new warriors all that more valuable. We really want to reward our loyal warriors.

Elektrum Strike armour

The staking capacities for these NFTs are huge. Here there are outlined below:

Immortal Gear Series 2 Pack: $100

Solid Aurum Shards: $20
Stained Rebeus Shards: $60
Proteus Shroud Shards: $150
Elektrum Strike Shards: $300

Solid Aurum Gear: $100
Stained Rebeus Gear: $350
Proteus Shroud Gear: $800
Elektrum Strike Gear: $1500

(All Color Variations Are The Same)
Basic Shields: $20
Conqueror’s Shields: $25
Transcendent Shields: $60
Skull King Shields: $70
Shield of Trapped Souls: $120
Astral Demon Shields: $250
VOID Portal Badge: $1800

And we’re not finished…

We’re on a mission. We always have been. To bring blockchain technology to gaming so that players truly own the items they have won and to empower gamers to earn while they play. P2E – play-to-earn – always has been at the heart of what we do. And it always will be.

And that’s why we will soon be launching a MAJOR overhaul of our play-to-earn structure in HodlGod, allowing players to STACK their NFTs to supercharge their earnings potential. 

We’re working out the finer details on this, but what it will mean is that by: 

  • owning HodlGod NFTs
  • staking them on WhenStaking
  • backing them to full capacity with $VOID
  • And playing the world’s best PvP P2E game…

There will be no limit to in-game rewards!

The more HodlGod NFTs warriors have – staked – the more they can earn playing the game they love.

And THAT’s worth celebrating.

So get in quick on these HodlGod Series 2 packs. The more you have, the more you can earn in HodlGod. 

We have a feeling they might be popular!

Where: Nefty Blocks

When: Dec 2nd, 12pm for the pre-sale / Dec 7th, 12pm for the main sale

Become Immortal! And stay in touch. 





HodlGod is a game of courage.

A game of skill.

A game of fierce competitiveness.

A game where many enter the arena… but only one warrior will be left standing.

And HodlGod is about to get a MAJOR upgrade, upping the ante in P2E gaming, setting new standards for what blockchain gaming should be like.

Warriors… your adrenaline rush starts here!

HodlGod is about to get a whole lot bigger…

New Maps

We are bringing 2 new maps into HodlGod: one in daylight and a night map. These maps represent a massive expansion of the HodlGod world. There will be more heights to overcome, more covered areas, and a much bigger arena that can have up to 25 players in it. This map was designed specifically for HodlGod mechanics.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Changes to Rewards

We’ve made some big changes to the way rewards are paid out and how you can earn even more. First up, we’re introducing a new Login NFT/P2E system, where, simply by logging in to HodlGod and playing, warriors will earn rewards. They will be distributed daily. Stay tuned… these changes are on their way!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll also notice that bonus rewards have been implemented for players wearing specific badges or gear. Again – we’ve increased the earnings capabilities of HodlGod warriors with bonus rewards. This will be further expanded over the coming weeks. Check out our Gitbook for up-to-date details.

And in an upgrade to our P2E rewards system, rewards will now be automatically sent out to players at the end of every game, rather than manually once a week.   

Massive Gameplay Changes

You wanted more gameplay enhancements? That’s what we’re delivering.

HodlGod will now be faster, the fastest it possibly can be, with all attacks and movements perfectly fluid and seamless.

We’ve also reworked all our audio so that the sound fits in more thematically with the medieval/fantasy world of the game.

After extensive testing, the damage is now evenly balanced, no matter what your play style is.

And we’ve made major changes to the UI, revamping it to be as refined and easily navigable as possible.

And while we can’t reveal too much…

New Immortal Gear Sets

Very soon, we will be dropping new Immortal Gear Sets for Hodlgod warriors. This awesome gear was inspired by the idea that HodlGod warriors need to exude higher and higher levels of ferocity. Of dare. And Immortality.

They will be mythical, they will be epic, they will be awe-inspiring… and they are coming to HodlGod very soon (integrated into the game just the same as the current genesis bounty contracts).

In Brief…

With new maps, more earnings potential, and a host of other upgrades, (and new Immortal Gear Sets just around the corner), we’ve made HodlGod an even better P2E gaming experience for our valiant warriors. Keep fighting. Stay in touch on our on Discord for more details… and Become Immortal!

Stay in touch:






What do you get when…

What do you get when you combine P2E with open world gaming?

What do you get when you mix a massive multiplayer online social game/third-person shooter game with NFTs?

What do you get when you build a world where everything – from unlockable characters, to vehicles, to weapons, to property – is an NFT?

You get NiftyVille!

And as the world’s most exciting, most hotly anticipated metaverse-real-world crossover entertainment platform, NiftyVille is wholly and fully deserving of the SPLASH we’re about to make…

We Tokenized A Lambo!

Onessus doesn’t do things by halves!

To introduce the game and the concept of linking virtual NFTs to real-world properties – and as a hat tip to the oft-asked ‘when Lambo’ question in the cryptoverse – we will be selling the world’s first tokenized Lamborghini through an NFT auction!

Let’s say that again: we’ve tokenized a Lambo and are selling it through an NFT-based exotic car Hodl Auction!

exotic cars in NiftyVille

999 Exotic Cars

We have created 999 exotic car NFTs: fast, red hot sports-car inspired vehicles with 6 different designs, just waiting to be sped around in in NiftyVille. They will be rare, and at $400 each are a steal! Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

White: 75

Red: 100

Black: 125

Blue: 200

Orange: 249

Gray: 250

Take a look at them in NiftyVille:

exotic car NFTs

Those 999 exotic car NFTs can be used in NiftyVille as in-game assets, but the top hodler of those NFTs seven days after we sell out all 999 will get an NFT redeemable for a real Lambo: a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

It’s currently being looked after by our friends at Excell Auto Group in Miami awaiting a winner, and as experts in exotic cars, they can ship to anywhere in the world (barring sanctioned countries).

If the winner – the biggest holder of exotic car NFTs once they’re sold out – isn’t too keen on Lambos, we’ll give them $200k in cash or crypto.

So… as recently announced, on Oct 26th we are selling Whitelist NFTs for 10million VOID for those who really really want to get in first on the exotic cars and have first shot at the rarest ones… … buy as many as you want, but you can only do it one at a time!

(Those Whitelist passes have 10M VOID staking capacities and an APR of 60%, by the way. Oh, and the mathematicians will already have worked out that because WhenStaking pays out the yield instantly… a 60% yield, if you restake the payout, and restake that payout, etc… can eventually turn into a 150% APR!)

… and we will be launching those exotic car NFTs soon on OpenSea. Check out our awesome debut piece:

exotic car NFT

After they’re all sold out… the top hodler will be the winner of the most audacious auction in NFT history and have a REAL Lambo to call their own.

Because NiftyVille is all about being the version of YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.

Stay tuned! And as always, keep up-to-date through our social channels and feel free to reach out any time with any questions, comments, ideas!






At Onessus we’re always thinking of ways to make HodlGod more engaging and true to our commitment to play-to-earn. P2E is here to stay and we’re proud to be one of its pioneers.

In that spirit, we’re announcing today plans to implement badge blending so you can power up your earned badges all the way eventually to the all-new Centurion Bounty Contract!

hodlgod game play

Blending Your Way To the Top!

We know many warriors have a lot of badges in their wallets that they earned playing HodlGod. Now, we’re bringing new utility to those badges… by creating a whole new set of badges!

Now players can blend their old badges into our new badges at any time. With enough new badges, warriors can continue upgrading their badges to eventually earn our new Bounty Contract NFTs!

hodlgod badge blend

Here’s how it will work…

Gather your current badges and blend them into our new badges. Check out the Vanguard badge here:

vanguard badge

Blend 3 old badges or 2 Stream-to-Earn/Play-to-Earn badges to get a new Warrior badge.

Those new Warrior badges can then be blended up. We’re always about power-ups at Onessus, so it is fitting that we’re going with a tiered blend-up process!

5 Warrior badges plus 50 Burn credits will power up to a Mercenary badge.

Blend 4 Mercenary badges and 100 Burn credits to get a Warlord badge.

Blend 3 Warlord badges and 150 Burn credits to get a Vanguard badge.

Blend 3 Vanguard badges and 200 Burn credits to get a Trophy of the Exalted Hunter.

Two Trophies and 250 Burn credits can be blended to get the new Centurion Bounty Contract!

Blend your badges here!

hodlgod game play

Additional In-Game Rewards

For HodlGod warriors, we’re offering more in-game rewards. Players who collect a Purple Coin and survive to the end of the game (and who hold 10M VOID as before) will now get 30k VOID — up from 10k.

If you collect a Green Coin in-game and survive to the end with it, and are equipped with a Bounty Contract, instead of getting a Play-to-Earn badge, you’ll be rewarded with a higher value Warrior badge.

And we’re adding a new coin to the game, the Red Coin. Collect that with a Centurion Bounty Contract and survive with it until the end, and win a Mercenary badge from our new badge system. This coin requires you to have the Centurion Bounty Contract.

Coming Soon!

Soon… warriors will be able to buy Burn credits with VOID! 50 credits costs 100k VOID. We’ll fill you in with more details soon.

Just as a note… the Centurion Bounty Contract will not yet be equippable in-game, but that is coming soon – The end of next week is the plan!

We’ll continue to announce new changes that reward players with these new badges directly. So stay tuned.

Play-to-Earn is real and getting better all the time in HodlGod, the world’s favorite Battle Royal style Play-to-Earn game.

These new changes follow from our massive list of upgrades and our new scholarship program announced recently!

Keep in touch for more updates as we continue to develop HodlGod.






And as always… Stay Immortal!