At Onessus we’re always thinking of ways to make HodlGod more engaging and true to our commitment to play-to-earn. P2E is here to stay and we’re proud to be one of its pioneers.

In that spirit, we’re announcing today plans to implement badge blending so you can power up your earned badges all the way eventually to the all-new Centurion Bounty Contract!

hodlgod game play

Blending Your Way To the Top!

We know many warriors have a lot of badges in their wallets that they earned playing HodlGod. Now, we’re bringing new utility to those badges… by creating a whole new set of badges!

Now players can blend their old badges into our new badges at any time. With enough new badges, warriors can continue upgrading their badges to eventually earn our new Bounty Contract NFTs!

hodlgod badge blend

Here’s how it will work…

Gather your current badges and blend them into our new badges. Check out the Vanguard badge here:

vanguard badge

Blend 3 old badges or 2 Stream-to-Earn/Play-to-Earn badges to get a new Warrior badge.

Those new Warrior badges can then be blended up. We’re always about power-ups at Onessus, so it is fitting that we’re going with a tiered blend-up process!

5 Warrior badges plus 50 Burn credits will power up to a Mercenary badge.

Blend 4 Mercenary badges and 100 Burn credits to get a Warlord badge.

Blend 3 Warlord badges and 150 Burn credits to get a Vanguard badge.

Blend 3 Vanguard badges and 200 Burn credits to get a Trophy of the Exalted Hunter.

Two Trophies and 250 Burn credits can be blended to get the new Centurion Bounty Contract!

Blend your badges here!

hodlgod game play

Additional In-Game Rewards

For HodlGod warriors, we’re offering more in-game rewards. Players who collect a Purple Coin and survive to the end of the game (and who hold 10M VOID as before) will now get 30k VOID — up from 10k.

If you collect a Green Coin in-game and survive to the end with it, and are equipped with a Bounty Contract, instead of getting a Play-to-Earn badge, you’ll be rewarded with a higher value Warrior badge.

And we’re adding a new coin to the game, the Red Coin. Collect that with a Centurion Bounty Contract and survive with it until the end, and win a Mercenary badge from our new badge system. This coin requires you to have the Centurion Bounty Contract.

Coming Soon!

Soon… warriors will be able to buy Burn credits with VOID! 50 credits costs 100k VOID. We’ll fill you in with more details soon.

Just as a note… the Centurion Bounty Contract will not yet be equippable in-game, but that is coming soon – The end of next week is the plan!

We’ll continue to announce new changes that reward players with these new badges directly. So stay tuned.

Play-to-Earn is real and getting better all the time in HodlGod, the world’s favorite Battle Royal style Play-to-Earn game.

These new changes follow from our massive list of upgrades and our new scholarship program announced recently!

Keep in touch for more updates as we continue to develop HodlGod.






And as always… Stay Immortal!

HodlGod is Onessus’ flagship game and we have some big news to share to all our warriors and would-be warriors!

This is a long one, so let’s start with an overview:

Key Takeaways:

  • We’ve made some massive upgrades to HodlGod we know you’ll love
  • We’re launching a scholarship program by lending 52 new players Bounty Contracts
  • HodlGod’s play-to-earn and stream-to-earn trophies, going at 30 cents, will be stakeable on WhenStaking with a $4 capacity!
  • Leased Bounty Contracts are now LIVE!
hodlgod scholarships

HodlGod has had some massive upgrades over the past few months!

Many of our HodlGod warriors will already be well aware, but we wanted to share some of the updates to HodlGod with our wider community.

But first… we wanted to announce our new scholarship program, where we help new warriors boost their in-game earnings potential by lending them a Bounty Contract.

hodlgod game play action

Introducing HodlGod Scholarships

HodlGod is launching a scholarship program for gamers interested in being part of one of the fastest growing PvP Battle Royale style blockchain games around.

Of course, anyone can begin playing HodlGod without any NFTs to start with, but NFTs help fuel your ability to earn more valuable in-game rewards, including more and higher value NFTs. 

So we are offering scholarships to welcome new players into the arena in the form of a loaned Bounty Contract NFT. We will be lending 52 of these out to help gamers get a taste for the adrenaline rush of play-to-earn gaming!

What do you have to do?

Sign up with your email, create a HodlGod account and start playing. Once you’re accustomed to the game and would like to power up your yield-earning capabilities, just fill out this form and submit it to us so we get to know a little bit about you. We’re looking for active gamers, NFT lovers, and enthusiasts of the thrill of last-man-standing gaming.

We’ll also be planning more events for holders of these lent NFTs in the future, so keep up-to-date as we grow our HodlGod community even larger!

Download the game here.

hodlgod game play

As For The Updates…

The new update ( has a number of improvements, additions, changes, and fixes. Check out the summary below, and don’t forget to reach out on the HodlGod Discord and engage with us and our thriving community. 

To start with, we are in the process of migrating our servers, so all players should have a better ping and less connectivity issues overall. But that’s only the beginning…


– We reworked the Matchmaking System

– We improved Crosshair accuracy

– We reworked the Zone so it closes entirely but isn’t reduced in height. It also does more damage the smaller it is.

– We reworked the Freezing Arrow so it takes 2 shots to freeze someone and 3 if they are in the immunity phase from the heal

You wanted speed? We went for speed, making some big improvements in the pace of the game. All actions should now feel much faster and smoother, with no delays. 

The Powers can now be performed at all times if they don’t require any physical action from the character. And the warriors can now execute a Double Dash Spin Attack at any time during the Dash! That will be faster and can be deployed at any time. The Air Dash is much faster and more vibrant!

Some additional improvements:

– Aiming now auto-adjusts only if on a character or dummy

– Inventory NFTs are now GIFs

– When inside the zone, your screen will be blue

– We removed the delay before jumping when sprinting

– Players no longer stutter if targeting and running

– Practice mode doesn’t have a countdown anymore

– Freezing Arrow cooldown was increased and active time was reduced

hodlgod in-game play

Additions & Changes

We’ve made some cool additions and changes to HodlGod. A Bow Melee now deals 10 damage, the locking key is now MMB, and the scoreboard key is now TAB. We are also adding a new map very soon!

Some other additions include:

– Slam to Ground attack (Attacking under your feet while in Air does zone damage)

– A way to quit a game without requeuing

– We added a Session Kill Tracker

– There are now Equippable Badges (check your NFT Inventory)

– We added your Collectibles in-game (check your NFT Inventory)

– Weekly Earnings and Leaderboards are now added in-game

– The game now has kill-assists. Damaging a player within 8 seconds of his death without finalizing the kill will grant an assist!

We added dummies in Practice Mode, the option to turn off the in-game chat, and a cool new backward cam (Left-Alt). You can now see dead players on the scoreboard, and we’ve addressed the issue with Leased NFTs, so you can now use them in-game.

There is now also a Health Bar above in-range enemies’ heads together with their equipped badge.


There are a number of changes we implemented to make playing HodlGod more intuitive and appropriate for what is now a faster-paced, more adrenaline-rushing game. Warriors… familiarize yourselves with these changes:

– Double Jump is now performed with Double Space

– Dash is now performed with Double C

– Storm doesn’t appear in Practice Mode anymore

– The Explosive Arrows damage zone is now bigger

– Zone now can end on multiple points on the map and will also pause during the game to allow tactical plays

– Cooldown is now reduced if all players are in-game

– If a player was damaged and gets killed by the Zone, it will now be a kill – not an assist

We also remade the Wallet Linking UI and if you’re in-air floating (RMB), you will now fall instantly when released. You can also right click again later in your fall. Arrow powers can no longer be combined.

hodlgod game play 2

Players now have more control over their spells and damage:

– Surrounding Volcano (ability 2) is now a toggle. Press once to activate and a second time to turn off. It consumes mana per second.

– Teleport (ability 3) is now done in two phases. Press to activate and press a second time to teleport to where your character’s hologram is.

– Experience per Damage Dealt was removed and has been replaced with ‘per assists’


We went massive on a list of fixes to enhance game play. Here is a quick glance of all the fixes that are now implemented in HodlGod:

– Fixed all Spectating Bugs

– Fixed all Dashing Bugs

– Fixed UI updating Issues (the user Interface now instantly updates)

– Fixed the Crashing Bug when opening Practice Mode without selecting a map

– Fixed all XP-related Issues

– Fixed the issue of Arrows not registering

– Fixed the issue of Hits not registering when multiple players are attacking the same enemy

– Fixed the issue of the bow not firing when players are standing in front of a low obstacle

– Fixed being able to damage people through doors or walls

– Crashes reported have been fixed

– Targeting an enemy and dashing doesn’t glitch anymore

– You no longer lose focus on the end leaderboard

– Dashing no longer glitches your animations

– XP is now granted if the zone takes part in the kill

– Locking a target and using ability 8 will no longer prevent the use of spells and weapons

– Players no longer bug when becoming frozen by ability 1

– Players are no longer frozen on the enemy screen and not on theirs

– We fixed the floating character problem after a Slam To Ground move

– We fixed flying bugs when hitting an enemy

– We fixed freezing arrows freezing in one shot and freezing arrows no longer move you

– VOID balance now updates correctly

– You can now scroll down the leaderboard

– No more rollback when casting spells

– You can now use the inverted Y axis option

– The game will not bug if two players die in the zone at the same time

– Arrows will now deal damage even if you are very close to your enemy

– UI on death is now fixed

– WAX Addresses will now show above the player’s head

– The Purple Coin will now appear and be pickable

– Spawn Points will not make you spawn when facing the walls anymore

– You cannot double jump twice using the RMB glitch

– When spectating a player that dies, it will bring you to the next player alive

So get your warrior on and jump on back into HodlGod if you haven’t played in a while. Our flagship Battle Royale style game just keeps getting better and better.

hodlgod play

Our Trophies Are Stakeable With Extreme Capacity Boosts!

Play-to-earn and Stream-to-earn HodlGod trophies, selling at 30 cents, are now stakeable on WhenStaking, our NFT staking platform, with a capacity of $4 – over 13 times their value. Simply stake and back them with $4 worth of VOID to earn a super-sized passive yield. 

Lease Your LEASE Bounty Contract NFTs To Other Players!

HodlGod now integrates the use of WhenStaking’s built-in lending system so you can stake your bounty contracts and lend the LEASE versions to other players! In order to lend your bounty contracts in HodlGod to other players, simply go to and stake it. There is no need to stake any VOID in it, unless you want to. Then take the Lease NFT to the Atomic Hub marketplace and put it for sale. You’ve just locked in a yield if you backed it with VOID and also retain the ability to sell it to other HodlGod warriors up to its expiry date. 

Keep in touch for more updates as we continue to develop HodlGod.






And as always… Stay Immortal!